Meat products

Cooperation with factories with meat export qualification, The quality of meat is guaranteed.

Quick frozen/ready to eat

It can be frozen and heated quickly, Nutritious food, everything.


Chinese traditional package technology and classic fermented dough,

double-certified production enterprise management standards, for you to present, peace of mind, rest assured.

Packing material    

Professional flexible packaging manufacturers, with the United States X-rite color matching system,

100,000 class purification standards to ensure product quality, meet customer requirements.



Make the choice easy

A wide range of products to meet the growing demand for diet and lifestyle choices. Save us all valuable time. Each product is carefully selected by us, so that you can rest assured that the selection of each product.

The heart of food and service

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and ensure the quality and quantity of delivery orders. The company has a wide range of products that are as unique as your business.

Product Innovation Concept

Closely follow the trend of food consumption market and trends of observation, combined with the current innovation out of a number of hot products, dare to practice dare to break through innovation. Fast manufacturer linkage ability, research and development laboratory new product trial-run and evaluation.

Our advantage
Logistics advantage

With multi-temperature control combined transportation to provide distribution capacity and service

Resource advantage of factory

With specialization, customization, high-end, intelligent professional export-grade factory.
Raw material advantage

Select global quality raw materials, health and delicious.

Convenience store, supermarket system

Years of stable supply and service,

the world-renowned convenience store system, the super. To make our products available to millions of people around the world.

Where do you need us

International Trade

Benshou "manufacturer supplier" & "value-creating Supplier" concept. Sensitive to capture consumer demand and market changes, determined to become a fast to meet customer needs of food specialized enterprises.

Family table

Fresh Food and fresh ideas are at the heart of food and service. The production site to ensure the safety of quality supervision, we have always put food safety in the first place, so that you eat peace of mind to eat at ease.


Qualityraw materials and factory resources


Fast global delivery service


Sweetdealer service


Rest assuredthe entire production process


Easy-to-useancillary services

      QingDaoAkimi We always adhere to the principle of "quality first, credit first, customer first" ,persist in the principle of "quality for survival, service for credibility, problem solving first, customer satisfaction first" , keep innovating and keep pace with the times, build a better tomorrow with sincerity and wisdom.    The company also has excellent brand operation ability, strong Channel Control Ability, excellent R & D and Innovation Ability, focusing on food import and Export and trade marketing, the goal is to develop into China's food trade marketing industry leaders.
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